Treat Yourself to an Authentic Italian Slice

Treat Yourself to an Authentic Italian Slice

Order up a New York-style pizza at our deli in Toms River, NJ

Pizza lovers all over know that nothing can beat a truly authentic and fresh New York-style pizza. When you've got a craving for pizza in Toms River, NJ, look no further than Anthony's From Brooklyn. We pride ourselves on making delicious pizzas for the whole family to enjoy.

You'll love our pizzas as we:

  • Use New York-style dough
  • Make each one from scratch
  • Offer 12-inch specialty pizzas

Call us today at 732-955-9600 to place an order for a New York style-pizza.

Don't forget about dessert

What's better to follow up a tasty pizza with than a sweet dessert? Since it's hard to choose between all the options, there's nothing wrong with getting one of each!

Satisfy your sweet tooth by picking up one of our pies.